Thursday, June 21, 2012

Staging Your Landscape for a Quicker and More Lucrative Sale

Last week, we spent a morning helping a client get ready for a real estate showing. These clients have a stunning property already and we were sent in to make sure that potential buyers would be suitably impressed by the landscape that the owners have invested in over the years. We weeded, freshened up the mulch, and generally tidied up.

Sprucing up your landscape can make for a quicker and more lucrative sale. It’s common sense that buyers are more likely to stop and take a closer look at a property that’s attractive and well-maintained. According to the Real Estate Brothers of Toronto, landscaping can also increase your sale price by 7%. If your property needs some tlc or strategic landscaping, and you don’t have the energy to do it, hiring professional landscapers is a smart move.

When it is time to sell, HNH offers you three levels of real estate staging:

Level One: Cleanup
This is a standard maintenance call from our gardeners. We remove winter debris, weed, deadhead, renew mulch and feed your plants with HNH's special kelp blend so that  your garden looks refreshed and settled. The gardeners can also prune bushes and hedges, rake lawns and tidy paths so that everything looks well cared for.

This storybook garden just needed a little tweaking

Level Two: Renovation
Much like renovating your house, at this level our construction crew refreshes and updates your space. Additional to the care given in a Cleanup, the crew can take on projects like converting sod into garden beds, merging existing gardens, cutting more attractive edges, and enhancing existing plantings.

These 'floating' shrubs are being grouped into attractively cut beds

Level Three: Restoration and Building
At this level, the construction crew does so much more. We might lift plants and renew the soil horizon with the addition of manure and mulch, clean and double-dig beds that have been taken over by virulent plants like goutweed, or design and build gardens from scratch. We can also plant, transplant, or prune trees and shrubs to create privacy or better views. 

This bed needed to be thoroughly cleaned of goutweed

Ongoing: Maintenance
Our gardeners can follow up on the care you've invested by making weekly or bi-weekly visits until your property sells. The gardeners can keep your yard looking abundant with kelp-feedings as needed.

Flourishing garlic stalks show off the health of this property's soil

If you are thinking about selling, contact our office for prices and more landscape staging ideas.Our innovative and hard-working team is ready to help you get a better price and faster sale!

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